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Past or Present Perfect

Page history last edited by Bonny Hart 5 years, 8 months ago

What’s the difference?

between the have/has +Vd-t-n (present perfect) and the V/XD(simple past)

Directions: make a sentence using the time expression in the box.

Play again making a QUESTION for each time expression.

Play AGAIN making a NEGATIVE sentence.

You found $20 on the sidewalk!

Roll again.


many times

for two days

Read the rule

Use for plus a length of time.

Use since plus a specific time.

since I came to NY

You came to class without a pencil.

Go back 3

in the past week

Read the rule

Use V/XD when things are finished.

earlier today

You got an “A” on your grammar test.

Roll again.

last night


in a long time (neg)

Read the rule

Use “just” with either time (tense) to show that something happen recently

so far

Your teacher says you are brilliant!

Roll again.

since the day before yesterday

two days ago

You dropped your cell phone in the toilet.

Go back 3

in 2010


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