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The 50 most common verbs in English

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Have students write each word on a card. 

On the back, have them write the forms of the verb and a sample sentence.

Make one class set for practice or have each student make their own set.


Color coding is by pattern of the BASE-PAST-PAST PARTICIPLE,

in X-Word terms,

Vb, VXD, Vd-t-n: It helps the students memorize.

2 forms for regular and ABB; 3 forms for ABC verbs, etc.


Yellow: regular     want  wanted wanted

Blue:    ABB

       have   had      had

Pink:    ABC

       do      does    did

Green:  ABA

       come came  come

White:  AAA

       put     put    put


to be is the only verb with 8 forms (see be card below)


Source: BYU Corpus of Contemporary American English


See examples below!


Examples of Verb Cards 



regular verb -- front  regular verb -- back







 to be - front  to be - back


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