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In The Works

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To Catalogue and Recognize the Work of XWG Practitioners


Please add to this page.  

We can  celebrate the "rebirth of XWG" -  Richard Abend

And learn from each other.  



We've a site for our Fall 2014  XWG Research Pilot Project:  LaGuardia Community College.  The experimental and control group instructors have been selected, with gratitude to Cyndi Casey.  Sue Livingston is the Principal Investigator and Ann Chen is the Primary Researcher.  We have a team of nine people working to ensure the success of this pilot:  Sue, Ann, Cyndi, Fernando, Tamara, Bonny, Carmela, Alice and Richard. 


August 5-18: Judy Gex, Craig Diesslin and Cyndi go to Xinzhou University in Shanxi, China for an English-teaching colloquium.  Judy studied with Robert Allen and has said that she loves x-word grammar.  Cyndi will definitely be teaching it a little every day for 2 weeks. 


September 3, 2014:  Cheryl Schwartz will be introducing XWG to teachers at BOCES in The Hudson Valley.


September 25, 2014:  Carmela O'Flaherty will teach an introduction to XWG to teachers at Bergen County Community College.


June 23 & 25, 2014:  Tamara Kirson facilitated a workshop at The New School on X-Words and their Verb Forms


Susan Khodabakhshi and Deborah Pires have presented XWG at 3 New Jersey TESOL Conventions – 2013, 2012, and 2011 as well as at three Professional Development Workshops at Union County College, New Jersey.


Bonny Hart and Tamara Kirson have presented XWG at 3 New York TESOL Conferences,  at NYU Literacy Day in 2013, 2012 and 2011, and at ILA in 2013.  


Alice Deakins and Effie Cochran have presented worldwide!


November 5, 2013:  Tamara presented Sentence Patterns at the Bank Street Language Series ConferenceFrontPage


February 2014:  Tamara taught the elements of XWG to a cohort of 20 Buenos Aires Fulbright Teaching Scholars


March 5, 2014:  Sue  presented "X-Word Grammar - Smart Grammar Teaching" at the All-CLIP Day for all CUNY CLIP (CUNY Language Immersion Program) Teachers


April 2, 2014:  Bonny presented on Sentence Patterns at the University of Akron


April 5, 2014:  Tamara taught  X-Word Grammar and Writing at The New School


April 22, 2014:  Alice Deakins and Julia Rhodes presented X-word Grammar at a Teaching Circle at William Paterson University English Department 


May 23, 2014:  Effie Cochran, Bonny Hart and Kate Parry presented on the Pedagogical Power of X-Word Grammar at the International Linguistics Association, Paris, France


Alice completed her book: The Writers' Sentence:  Editing for Grammar and Style


Deborah Pires and Susan C. Khodabakhshi published an XWG Grammar book :  Get Healthy - Learn English:  An ESL Grammar Text-Workbook 


Sue's book Working Text is being used at The New School, LaGuardia, Hunter, and Gallaudet.  






X-Word Grammar Goes to Argentina!

A cohort of 20 Fulbright Scholars teaching in the Buenos Aires public schools arrived in New York City on January 20 for six weeks to study methods and strategies at St. John's University in ManhattanThey studied the elements of XWG with Tamara Kirson.  In this photo, they're displaying their X-Word Grammar New York City Alphabet Books!  This was a marriage of PBL (Project-Based Learning) and XWG.  In groups, the Fulbright Teachers chose, explained and illustrated new words they encountered in New York City .  A few examples include:  "bathroom" vs. toilet, "marshmallows" which they loved, "curb" on the Curb Your Dogs signs, "selfie" which is self-explanatory!  In the section where they wrote why they chose a particular word, they analyze a key sentence for language structure using XWG.  They also wrote questions and the negative forms.  These books have stayed in NYC in hard copy form and have returned to Argentina in digital format for the teachers to use with their students.  


                                                                           Displaying IMG_0810.JPG



"This approach to grammar is very logical and very comprehensible." 




X-Word Grammar Get-together, June 6th, 2013, New York City




We had a great time at the get-together talking about

X-Word Grammar.

  • We wore our new X-Word Logo name tags! Excitement!
  • Liza Sunderlin analysed a loooonnnnggg NY Times *sentence using SectorAnalysis.
  • We had great fun with Alice Deakins' fairy tale sentence game--the game which promises to cure run-on sentences!
  • We welcomed newcomers Judith, Victoria, Polly, Yasemin, and Jung, . 
  • Cyndi Casey, Tamara Kirson, and I talked about using Sue Livingston's book in the classroom--with Sue Livingston.  

We hope you can join us for the next one!    Bonny

*On the morning of Memorial Day, as the sun broke through the wet blanket of the weekend, more than a dozen 20 and 30-somethings in striped tank tops and straw hats boarded a yellow school bus idling in a bleak parking lot in Williamsburg.

p.s. It's not really an X-Word handout, but I've added my exercise on final letter "s" to the wiki. bh






Fun with X-Word Grammar Games

"The Noun Box" Game

at the ILA Conference,

Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY






 A Prezi Presentation from the ILA conference in New York on April 13, 2012: 

 X-Word Grammar in the ESOL Classroom












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