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Louis Inturrisi

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Louis Inturrisi NY Times Obituary 



Louis Inturrisi's Book: The Ways of Written English 




The Ways of Written English



Spoken English and Written English
Statements and Details
Sentences and Groups of Words
X-words and Yes-No Questions
Patterns and Punctuation
Fragments and Run-ons
Margins and Manners
Pros and Cons
Agreements and Disagreements
Countables and Uncountables
Advantages and Disadvantages
Articles and Apostrophes
X-words and Verb Forms
Verbs and Verbals
Introductions and Conclusions

Lists of Linkers, Shifter Words, Pronouns,

Irregular Verb Forms, Words Frequently Confused,

Uncountable Nouns in English


Comments (2)

Sue Livingston said

at 10:43 am on Jul 31, 2009

The problem with Inturrisi is that he expects students to write on demand about topics that are way too general or those that they know very little about.

Cyndi said

at 10:48 pm on Jul 29, 2009

Inturrisi's table of contents looks interesting! Who has more info on his "advantages & disadvantages" etc?

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