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Many thanks to the family of Linda Ann Kunz

for allowing us to make her materials available on this site.


Linda Kunz  developed wonderful materials, including books of different levels, visuals (ask about the DO MICE), and instructive materials for teachers. 

Need Adobe Reader? Click here for a free download.  http://get.adobe.com/reader



See The Do Mice for printable Mice, a transcript, and how-tos

Video: The Do Mice

How to teach the hidden x-words using the Do Mice (from the video)




Teachers are free to download and use these materials.


Kunz-Level 1 writing and grammar for ESL beginners.pdf  


Level 1 Speaking and Writing for ESL Beginners 


X-Word Grammar Intermediate




X-Word Grammar Advanced: A Writing and Editing Book 


X-Word Grammar for Public School Teachers


X-Word Grammar for ESOL Teachers


26 Steps: Controlled Composition for Intermediate and Advanced Language Development





What Does a Good Academic Writer Really Do?  Linda Ann Kunz and Liza Sunderlin


The Elegant English Verb Phrase, by Linda Ann Kunz  

X-Word Grammar: Offspring of Sector Analysis, by Linda Ann Kunz


Workshop handouts and other invaluable goodies 


All X-word/Verb Form Match-Ups


An X-Word Grammar Glossary


The Bilingual Cat (Linda's initial writing assessment tool)


Colored Refs

English Construction Types 


Major Sectors in an English Sentence


Modals and Semi-Modals


Recommended Picture Book List


Seven Sentence Patterns


Some Listable Word Classes 


Using Rods to Teach X-Word Grammar


Using Slot Sheets in Level 1


The Mice 



The Mice have moved to the Do Mice







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