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Old and New:

Linda Kunz Tasks

Linda's Task cards were unearthed (Thank you to Effie Papatzikou Cochran!)

Cyndi Casey has new practice materials at Learn X-Word Grammar   

Bonny Hart finally finished the website Accessible X-Word grammar and its 25 video introductions!


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Just Added

Linda Kunz's Task Cards and Grammar Discovery Cards

From the 1970s? These are the tasks that Linda set for her students in the classroom. They constitute a whole course in X-Word Grammar.




Accessible X-Word Grammar!

A free step by step online course based on "X-Word Grammar for Students of English"
25 Lessons
Each lesson consists of 
An introductory video

A Lesson with Exercises & answers
Quiz & answers

To the Teacher Tips


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New X-Word Practice Site!!


Have you visited  Learn Xword Grammar yet??

 X-Word Study Presented at English USA

Sue Livingston presented at the 11th Annual IEP Professional Development Conference of The American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP) – also known as "EnglishUSA"-- in San Francisco on January 18th.   

 EnglishUSA is one of the two main associations for Intensive English Programs in the United States with about 300 member associations that offer accredited intensive English programs at college and university settings or in city centers.  Audience participants, who knew nothing about X-Word Grammar, were given a brief overview of the system and then shown its effectiveness as compared with traditional grammar teaching through a PowerPoint presentation of the findings of a recent research study, The Effect of X-Word Grammar and Traditional Grammar Instruction on Grammatical Accuracy,” which appears in the journal English Language Teaching.  Researchers included Andi Toce, Cyndi Casey, Fernando Montoya, Carmela O’Flaherty and Bonny R. Hart.



What do people say about X-Word Grammar?


"The X-Word Grammar class wowed me from the start.

The x-words themselves are a revelation."

"Great way to help students recognize and see patterns

in things they already know, but now will stick and be easier to use!"


"I am intrigued by the idea of 'dicing' texts to use

in building sentences.  The language is so much richer."


"I love this class because X-Word Grammar helped me a lot." 


Letter from a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice 

" Your lessons and everything you taught me

completely transformed me as a writer and as a student.

Thank you for teaching me the secrets of beautiful writing. 


Reflections from a low-intermediate student in an Intensive English Program

"This method taught me now to use grammar correctly

and write a complete sentence and correct grammatical tense. 

I think this method has had a good effect on my study. " 


"I taught my first demo class and introduced X-Word Grammar,

Yes/No Questions. It went extremely well, and they hired me!"


"This new approach to grammar is more visual and kinesthetic."


 " I will be able to apply x-word grammar immediately as a writing tutor in a small college" 





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Why a WIKI?


A WIKI is an interactive website. Our aim is to acquaint more teachers and learners with the concepts of X-Word grammar.  To that end, we would like to provide X-Word materials and explanations and have a place for teachers to share their experiences with and questions about X-Word Grammar.  Just "Request Access" if you want to join us or contact me at --Bonny


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