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Grammar Discovery Tasks

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Many years ago, Linda Ann Kunz gave me a copy of her Grammar Discovery Tasks, which were 24 self-directed tasks on reproducible cards.  Students did these in small groups to discover basic x-word grammar principles. During a move, I seem to have lost my only copy of these. I've found lots of great materials on this site but not the tasks. Does anybody have a copy they can post?


Linda wrote about these in X-Word Grammar for ESL Teachers



Bob Freud

Bergen Community College

New Jersey


Here they are!

MSWord document: X Word Grammar Tasks from Linda Kunz for groupwork.docx

PDF: X Word Grammar Tasks from Linda Kunz for groupwork.pdf


                                                                           February 2020 We've discovered more grammar discovery tasks on fragments, run-ons, commas, etc. They have been added below. BH



10 Grammar Discovery Fragments.pdf

11  Grammar Discovery runons.pdf

12 Grammar Discovery A Comparison.pdf

13 Grammar Discovery Linkers.pdf

14 Grammar Discovery 5 Comma Rules.pdf

15 Grammar Discovery A Defense.pdf


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