The Do Mouse Game



The game consists of a spinner (pictured) and a game board.  

  1. Print out both on card stock. Make as many copies as you will have groups. Groups of 3 are best.
  2. Hand out a spinner and a board to each group.
  3. Have ss get a marker (a dime, a penny, an eraser, etc.)
  4. Throw the die--low man goes first.
  5. First player throws the die and advances that many squares on the board; spins; makes a sentence based on the mouse and the punctuation on the board.


Example: Player throws a 6-Neg. The same player spins and gets a Did mouse. That player must make a perfect negative sentence using didn't or did not.

      Not perfect? go back to START. (May need the teacher to decide)

     Perfect Stay on that square and wait for the next turn.


Variation: give each team a list of verbs that they must choose from.


Game Do Mouse-student.pdf

Game Do Mouse-student.docx 

Mouse spinner.pdf

To make the spinner, cut out the circle on card stock. The easiest "spinner" is a paperclip spun around the tip of a pencil that's place in the middle of the "bulls eye"